Multiscale modeling and simulation of crowded transport in the life and social sciences


  • 'Lane formation by side stepping' – first results on the existence of global-in-time solutions for a minimal PDE model for pedestriand dynamics with a perturbed gradient flow structure. Furthermore we provide analytical insights into the formation of directional lanes and analyse the behavior of the system with respect to these parameters.
  • 'On a Boltzmann mean field model for knowledge growth'. In this paper we give first analytic results on a novel mathematical model coupling mean-field game theory with Boltzmann type equations.
  • Sabine Hittmeir is awarded with a Hertha Firnberg scholarship for a project entitled 'Multiscale asymptotics and analysis for atmospheric flow models with moisture'.
  • Organization of a minisymposium on 'From individual to collective behavior in socio-economics and life-sciences' at the ICIAM 2015 in Beijing.
  • Organization of a workshop on 'Gradient Flows: From Theory to Applications' together with C.B. Schönlieb and B. Düring at the ICMS Edinburgh, UK.
  • Organization of a workshop on 'Modeling and Computation of Transmembrane Transport' together with G. Wei and B. Roux at the MBI Ohio, USA.
  • Co-organizer of a thematic program on 'Mean-field models in the life and social sciences' at the WPI Vienna, Austria.
  • Organization of a mini-workshop on 'Kinetic and mean field models in finance', together with R. Cont at the Newton Institute in Cambridge, UK.
  • 'On a Boltzmann price formation model'. Presentation and analysis of Boltzmann-type model to describe price dynamics, which gives novel insights into the connection of Boltzmann type equations and mean-field game models.