RICAM Reports

Y. Abdelaziz, C. Koutschan, J-M. Maillard
On Christol’s conjecture
Report No. 2019-35
C. Hofreither, L. Mitter, H. Speleers
Local multigrid solvers for adaptive Isogeometric Analysis in hierarchical spline spaces
Report No. 2019-34
L. Jiu, C. Koutschan
Calculation and Properties of Zonal Polynomials
Report No. 2019-33
G. Petridis, O. Roche-Newton, M. Rudnev, A. Warren
An Energy Bound in the Affine Group
Report No. 2019-32
R. Schneckenleitner, S. Takacs
Condition number bounds for IETI-DP methods that are explicit in $h$ and $p$
Report No. 2019-31
B. Endtmayer, U. Langer, J. P. Thiele, T. Wick
Hierarchical DWR Error Estimates for the Navier Stokes Equation: $h$ and $p$ Enrichment
Report No. 2019-30
M. Fischer, G. Jankowiak, M.T. Wolfram
Crowding and queuing at exits and bottlenecks
Report No. 2019-29
Y. Abdelaziz, S. Boukraa, C. Koutschan, J-M. Maillard
Heun functions and diagonals of rational functions
Report No. 2019-28
H. Meinlschmidt, C. Meyer, S. Walter
Optimal Control of an Abstract Evolution Variational Inequality with Application to Homogenized Plasticity
Report No. 2019-27
M. Makhul
On the number of perfect triangles with a fixed angle
Report No. 2019-26
A.S. Serdyuk, T. Stepaniuk
Asymptotically best possible Lebesque-type inequalities for the Fourier sums on sets of generalized Poisson integrals
Report No. 2019-25
H. Fujiwara, K. Sadiq, A. Tamasan
A Fourier approach to the inverse source problem in an absorbing and anisotropic scattering medium
Report No. 2019-24
P. Kritzer, F. Pillichshammer, L. Plaskota, G.W. Wasilkowski
On alternative quantization for doubly weighted approximation and integration over unbounded domains
Report No. 2019-23
O. Roche-Newton, A. Warren
New Expander Bounds from Affine Group Energy
Report No. 2019-22
C. Pohoata, O. Roche-Newton
Four-term progression free sets with three-term progressions in all large subsets
Report No. 2019-21
S. Pereverzyev, S.G. Solodky, V.B.Vasylyk, M.Zic
Regularized Collocation in Distribution of Diffusion Times applied to Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
Report No. 2019-20
R. Ke, R. Wagner, R. Ramlau, R. Chan
Reconstruction of the high resolution phase in a closed loop adaptive optics system
Report No. 2019-19
Report No. 2019-18 has been removed by the author.
M. Krasnoschok, S. Pereverzyev, S.V. Siryk, N. Vasylyeva
Determination of the fractional order in quasilinear subdiffusion equations
Report No. 2019-17
C. Koutschan, E. Wong
Exact lower bounds for monochromatic Schur triples and generalizations
Report No. 2019-16
S. Takacs
Fast multigrid solvers for conforming and non-conforming multi-patch Isogeometric Analysis
Report No. 2019-15
I. Georgieva, S. Harizanov, C. Hofreither
Iterative Low-rank Approximation Solvers for the Extension Method for Fractional Diffusion
Report No. 2019-14
Y. Ding, F.J. Hickernell, P. Kritzer, S. Mak
Adaptive approximation for multivariate linear problems with inputs lying in a cone
Report No. 2019-13
C. Hofreither
A Unified View of Some Numerical Methods for Fractional Diffusion
Report No. 2019-12
J. Wiart, C. Lemieux
On the dependence structure of scrambled $(t,m,s)$-nets
Report No. 2019-11
R. Chapko, L. Mindrinos
On the Non-Linear Integral Equation Approach for an Inverse Boundary Value Problem for the Heat Equation
Report No. 2019-10
K. Kunisch, H. Meinlschmidt
Optimal control of an energy-critical semilinear wave equation in 3D with spatially integrated control constraints
Report No. 2019-09
H. Meinlschmidt, C. Meyer, J. Rehberg
Regularization for optimal control problems associated to nonlinear evolution equations
Report No. 2019-08
B. Endtmayer, U. Langer, I. Neitzel, T. Wick, W. Wollner
Multigoal-oriented optimal control problems with nonlinear PDE constraints
Report No. 2019-07
D. Jodlbauer, U. Langer, T. Wick
Matrix-free multigrid solvers for phase-field fracture problems
Report No. 2019-06
M. Krasnoschok, S. Pereverzyev, S.V. Siryk, N. Vasylyeva
Regularized reconstruction of the order in semilinear subdiffusion with memory
Report No. 2019-05
T. Stepaniuk
Order estimates of best orthogonal trigonometric approximations of classes of infinitely differentiable functions
Report No. 2019-04
T. Stepaniuk
Hyperuniform point sets on flat tori: deterministic and probabilistic aspects
Report No. 2019-03
S. Takacs
A quasi-robust discretization error estimate for discontinuous Galerkin Isogeometric Analysis
Report No. 2019-02
A. Ebert, P. Kritzer, D. Nuyens
Constructing QMC finite element methods for elliptic PDEs with random coefficients by a reduced CBC construction
Report No. 2019-01