RICAM Reports

C. Koutschan, Y. Zhang
Desingularization in the $q$-Weyl algebra
Report No. 2017-47
R. Wagner, C. Hofer, R. Ramlau
Point spread function reconstruction for Single-conjugate Adaptive Optics
Report No. 2017-46
P. Kritzer, G. Leobacher, M. Szölgyenyi, S. Thonhauser
Approximation methods for piecewise deterministic Markov processes and their costs
Report No. 2017-45
K. Kunisch, S.S. Rodrigues
Exponential Stabilization of Nonautonomous Linear Parabolic-Like Systems by a Finite Number of Locally Supported Actuators
Report No. 2017-44
U. Langer, S. Matculevich, S. Repin
Guaranteed error control bounds for the stabilised space-time IgA approximations to parabolic problems
Report No. 2017-43
J. Middeke, D.J. Jeffrey, C. Koutschan
Common Factors in Fraction-Free Matrix Decompositions
Report No. 2017-42
K. Sadiq, A. Tamasan
Partial inversion of the 2D attenuated Radon transform with data on an arc
Report No. 2017-41
M. Makhul, J. Schicho, M. Gallet
Probabilities of incidence between lines and a plane curve over finite fields
Report No. 2017-40
J.A. Iglesias, G. Mercier, O. Scherzer
A note on convergence of solutions of total variation regularized linear inverse problems
Report No. 2017-39
M. Hefter, A. Herzwurm, T. Müller-Gronbach
Lower error bounds for strong approximation of scalar SDEs with non-Lipschitzian coefficients
Report No. 2017-38
D. Amann, K. Kalimeris
Numerical approximation of water waves through a deterministic algorithm
Report No. 2017-37
M. Gallet, J. Schicho
Counting Projections of Rational Curves
Report No. 2017-36
G. Grasegger, C. Koutschan, E. Tsigaridas
Lower bounds on the number of realizations of rigid graphs
Report No. 2017-35
J.A. Iglesias, K. Sturm, F. Wechsung
Shape optimisation with nearly conformal transformations
Report No. 2017-34
N.T. Vo, Y. Zhang
Laurent Series Solutions of Algebraic Ordinary Differential Equations
Report No. 2017-33
S. Takacs
Robust approximation error estimates and multigrid solvers for isogeometric multi-patch discretizations
Report No. 2017-32
P. Kritzer, F. Pillichshammer, G.W. Wasilkowski
Truncation in average and worst case settings for special classes of $\infty$-variate functions
Report No. 2017-31
C. Koutschan, T. Thanatipanonda
A Curious Family of Binomial Determinants That Count Rhombus Tilings of a Holey Hexagon
Report No. 2017-30
A-K. Baum, M. Kolmbauer, G. Offner
Topological index analysis applied to coupled flow networks
Report No. 2017-29
K. Kalimeris
Analytical approximation and numerical simulations for periodic travelling water waves
Report No. 2017-28
L. Dykes, R. Ramlau, L. Reichel, K.M. Soodhalter, R. Wagner
Lanczos-based fast blind deconvolution methods
Report No. 2017-27
C. Hofer, U. Langer, M. Neumüller, I. Toulopoulos
Time-Multipatch Discontinuous Galerkin Space-Time Isogeometric Analysis of Parabolic Evolution Problems
Report No. 2017-26
Z. Rao
A dynamic programming approach for $L^0$ optimal control design
Report No. 2017-25
S. Matculevich
Functional approach to the error control in adaptive IgA schemes for elliptic boundary value problems
Report No. 2017-24
P. Kritzer, F.Y. Kuo, D. Nuyens, M. Ullrich
Lattice rules with random $n$ achieve nearly the optimal $\mathcal{O}(n^{-\alpha-1/2})$ error independently of the dimension
Report No. 2017-23
A. Beigl, P. Elbau, O. Scherzer, K. Sadiq
Quantitative Photoacoustic Imaging in the Acoustic Regime using SPIM
Report No. 2017-22
A. Mantzaflaris, E. Tsigaridas
Resultants and Discriminants for Bivariate Tensor-product Polynomials
Report No. 2017-21
A. Mantzaflaris, E. Schost, E. Tsigaridas
Sparse Rational Univariate Representation
Report No. 2017-20
I. Toulopoulos
Bubble stabilized space-time finite element methods of parabolic evolution problems
Report No. 2017-19
U. Langer, M. Neumüller, I. Toulopoulos
Multipatch Space-Time Isogeometric Analysis of Parabolic Diffusion Problems
Report No. 2017-18
A. Paganini, K. Sturm
Weakly-normal basis vector fields in RKHS with an application to shape Newton methods
Report No. 2017-17
C. Hofer, U. Langer, S. Takacs
Inexact Dual-Primal Isogeometric Tearing and Interconnecting Methods
Report No. 2017-16
S. Takacs
Robust multigrid methods for isogeometric discretizations of the Stokes equations
Report No. 2017-15
U. Langer, S. Matculevich, S. Repin
Functional type error control for stabilised space-time IgA approximations to parabolic problems
Report No. 2017-14
S. Chen, M. Kauers, Z. Li, Y. Zhang
Apparent Singularities of D-finite Systems
Report No. 2017-13
T. Cluzeau, C. Koutschan, A. Quadrat, M. Tõnso
Effective algebraic analysis approach to linear systems over Ore algebras
Report No. 2017-12
D. Ghilli, Z. Rao, H. Zidani
Junction conditions for finite horizon optimal control problems on multi-domains with continuous and discontinuous solutions
Report No. 2017-11
S. Hittmeir, H. Ranetbauer, C. Schmeiser, M.T. Wolfram
Derivation and analysis of continuum models for crossing pedestrian traffic
Report No. 2017-10
D. Amann, K. Kalimeris
A numerical continuation approach for computing water waves of large wave height
Report No. 2017-09
A. S. Fokas, K. Kalimeris
Water waves with moving boundaries
Report No. 2017-08
C. Hofer, I. Toulopoulos
Discontinuous Galerkin Isogeometric Analysis for parametrizations with overlapping regions
Report No. 2017-07
R. Wagner, A. Neubauer, R. Ramlau
Simulation results for a Finite Element based Cumulative Reconstructor
Report No. 2017-06
D. Kalise, K. Kunisch
Polynomial approximation of high-dimensional Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equations and applications to feedback control of semilinear parabolic PDEs
Report No. 2017-05
A. Hinrichs, P. Kritzer, F. Pillichshammer, G. Wasilkowski
Truncation dimension for linear problems on multivariate function spaces
Report No. 2017-04
J. Capco, M. Gallet, G. Grasegger, C. Koutschan, N. Lubbes, J. Schicho
The number of realizations of a Laman graph
Report No. 2017-03
P. Kritzer, H. Laimer, F. Pillichshammer
Tractability of $\mathbb{L}_2$-approximation in hybrid function spaces
Report No. 2017-02
R. Kritzinger, H. Laimer, M. Neumüller
A reduced fast construction of polynomial lattice point sets with low weighted star discrepancy
Report No. 2017-01