RICAM Reports

H. Laimer
On combined component-by-component constructions of lattice point sets
Report No. 2015-51
C. Hofer, U. Langer
Dual-Primal Isogeometric Tearing and Interconnecting solvers for multipatch dG-IgA equations
Report No. 2015-50
R. Guglielmi
Indirect stabilization of hyperbolic systems through resolvent estimates
Report No. 2015-49
M. Burger, S. Hittmeir, H. Ranetbauer, M-T. Wolfram
Lane formation by side-stepping
Report No. 2015-48
T. Wick
Goal functional evaluations for phase-field fracture using PUM-based DWR mesh adaptivity
Report No. 2015-47
C. Hofer, I. Toulopoulos
Discontinuous Galerkin Isogeometric Analysis of Elliptic Problems on Segmentations with Non-Matching Interfaces
Report No. 2015-46
P. Kritzer, F. Pillichshammer, G.W. Wasilkowski
On Equivalence of Anchored and ANOVA Spaces; Lower Bounds
Report No. 2015-45
C. Hofer, U. Langer
Dual-Primal Isogeometric Tearing and Interconnecting Solvers for large-scale systems of multipatch continuous Galerkin IgA equations
Report No. 2015-44
T. Wick
Coupling fluid-structure interaction with phase-field fracture
Report No. 2015-43
C. Irrgeher, P. Kritzer, F. Pillichshammer
Integration and approximation in cosine spaces of smooth functions
Report No. 2015-42
T. Breiten, K. Kunisch, S.S. Rodrigues
Feedback Stabilization to Non-Stationary Solutions of a Class of Reaction Diffusion Equations of Fitzhugh-Nagumo Type
Report No. 2015-41
C. Hofer, U. Langer, I. Toulopoulos
Discontinuous Galerkin Isogeometric Analysis of Elliptic Problems on Non-matching Interfaces
Report No. 2015-40
J.A. Iglesias, C. Kirisits
Convective regularization for optical flow
Report No. 2015-39
L. Neumann, C. Schmeiser
A kinetic reaction model: decay to equilibrium and macroscopic limit
Report No. 2015-38
C. Schmeiser, C. Winkler
A Finite Elemente Method for Cell Membranes with Tethered Obstacles
Report No. 2015-37
S. Hirsch, D. Oelz, C. Schmeiser
Existence and uniqueness of solutions for a model of non-sarcomeric actomyosin bundles
Report No. 2015-36
A. Manhart, D. Oelz, C. Schmeiser, N. Sfakianakis
Numerical treatment of the Filament Based Lamellipodium Model (FBLM)
Report No. 2015-35
S. Hirsch, A. Manhart, C. Schmeiser
Mathematical Modeling of Myosin Induced Bistability of Lamellipodial Fragments
Report No. 2015-34
P. Aceves-Sanchez, C. Schmeiser
Fractional-diffusion-advection limit of a kinetic model
Report No. 2015-33
A. Manhart, C. Schmeiser
Decay to equilibrium of the filament end density along the leading edge of the lamellipodium
Report No. 2015-32
S. Anzengruber, S. Bürger, B. Hofmann, G. Steinmeyer
Variational regularization of complex deautoconvolution and phase retrieval in ultrashort laser pulse characterization
Report No. 2015-31
M. Sini
Inverse Spectral Problems, 1-D, Theoretical Results
Report No. 2015-30
A. Alsaedi, F. Alzahrani, D. P. Challa, M. Kirane, M. Sini
Extraction of the index of refraction by embedding multiple and close small inclusions
Report No. 2015-29
A. Alsaedi, B. Ahmed, D. P. Challa, M. Kirane, M. Sini
A cluster of many small holes with negative imaginary surface impedances may generate a negative refraction index
Report No. 2015-28
D. P. Challa, M. Sini
Multiscale analysis of the acoustic scattering by many scatterers of impedance type
Report No. 2015-27
K. Rashedi, M. Sini
Stable recovery of the time-dependent source term from one measurement for the wave equation
Report No. 2015-26
A. Mantile, A. Posilicano, M. Sini
Self-adjoint elliptic operators with boundary conditions on not closed hypersurfaces
Report No. 2015-25
F. Al-Musallam, D. P. Challa, M. Sini
The equivalent mass density for the elastic scattering by many small rigid bodies and applications
Report No. 2015-24
R. Kuan, Y.-H. Lin, M. Sini
The enclosure method for the anisotropic Maxwell system
Report No. 2015-23
T. Wick
Coupling fluid-structure interaction with phase-field fracture: modeling and a numerical example
Report No. 2015-22
A-K. Baum, M. Kolmbauer
Solvability and topological index criteria for thermal management in liquid flow networks
Report No. 2015-21
R. Wagner, T. Helin, A. Obereder, R. Ramlau
An efficient Reconstruction Method for Ground Layer Adaptive Optics with mixed Natural and Laser Guide Stars
Report No. 2015-20
U. Langer, S.E. Moore, M. Neumüller
Space-time isogeometric analysis of parabolic evolution equations
Report No. 2015-19
B. Mourrain, R. Vidunas, N. Villamizar
Geometrically continuous splines for surfaces of arbitrary topology
Report No. 2015-18
P. Kuegler
Early Afterdepolarizations with Growing Amplitudes do not Require Stable Limit Cycles in the Fast Subsystem of Cardiac Action Potential Models
Report No. 2015-17
U. Langer, H. Yang
Numerical simulation of parabolic moving and growing interface problems using small mesh deformation
Report No. 2015-16
S. Chen, C. Koutschan
Proof of the Wilf-Zeilberger Conjecture
Report No. 2015-15
C. Koutschan, H. Ranetbauer, G. Regensburger, M.T. Wolfram
Symbolic Derivation of Mean-Field PDEs from Lattice-Based Models
Report No. 2015-14
G. Kriukova, O. Panasiuk, S. Pereverzyev, P. Tkachenko
A Linear Functional Strategy for Regularized Ranking
Report No. 2015-13
Report No. 2015-12 has been removed by the author. A revised version has been published as Report No. 2015-47
D. Wick, T. Wick, R. J. Hellmig, H.-J. Christ
Numerical simulations of crack propagation in screws with phase-field modeling
Report No. 2015-11
G. Albi, M. Bongini, E. Cristiani, D. Kalise
Invisible control of self-organizing agents leaving unknown environments
Report No. 2015-10
A. Alla, M. Falcone, D. Kalise
A HJB-POD feedback synthesis approach for the wave equation
Report No. 2015-09
P. Braun, E. Herńandez, D. Kalise
Reduced-order LQG control of a Timoshenko beam model
Report No. 2015-08
K. Sadiq, O. Scherzer, A. Tamasan
On the X-ray transform of planar symmetric 2-tensors
Report No. 2015-07
A. Constantin, K. Kalimeris, O. Scherzer
Approximations of steady periodic water waves in flows with constant vorticity
Report No. 2015-06
H. Yang
An algebraic multigrid method for quadratic finite element equations of elliptic and saddle point systems in 3D
Report No. 2015-05
D. Kalise, A. Kröner, K. Kunisch
Local minimization algorithms for dynamic programming equations
Report No. 2015-04
M. Gallet, C. Koutschan, Z. Li, G. Regensburger, J. Schicho, N. Villamizar
Planar Linkages Following a Prescribed Motion
Report No. 2015-03
M. Kauers, C. Koutschan
Integral D-Finite Functions
Report No. 2015-02
E. Fuentes, D. Kalise, R. Kennel
Smoothened Quasi-Time-Optimal Control for the Torsional Torque in a Two-Mass-System
Report No. 2015-01