RICAM Reports

F. Al-Musallam, D. P. Challa, M. Sini
Location and size estimation of small rigid bodies using elastic far-fields
Report No. 2014-53
A. Constantin, K. Kalimeris, O. Scherzer
A penalization method for calculating the flow beneath travelling water waves of large amplitude
Report No. 2014-52
B. Mourrain, N. Villamizar
On the dimension of spline spaces on triangulations
Report No. 2014-51
E. Postinghel, F. Sottile, N. Villamizar
Degenerations of real irrational toric varieties
Report No. 2014-50
B. Mourrain, N. Villamizar
Bounds on the dimension of trivariate spline spaces: A homological approach
Report No. 2014-49
N. Villamizar
Ring structure of splines on triangulations
Report No. 2014-48
A. Kröner, S.S. Rodrigues
Internal exponential stabilization to a nonstationary solution for 1D Burgers equations with piecewise constant controls
Report No. 2014-47
D. Phan-Duc, S.S. Rodrigues
Approximate controllability for equations of fluid mechanics with a few body controls
Report No. 2014-46
Z. Rao, K. Kunisch
Minimal Time Problem with Impulsive Controls
Report No. 2014-45
D. Phan-Duc, S.S. Rodrigues
Gevrey regularity for Navier–Stokes equations under Lions boundary conditions
Report No. 2014-44
Maurizio Falcone, Dante Kalise, Axel Kröner
A semi-Lagrangian scheme for Lp-penalized minimum time problems
Report No. 2014-43
Dante Kalise, Axel Kröner
Reduced-order minimum time control of advection-reaction-diffusion systems via dynamic programming
Report No. 2014-42
Maurizio Falcone, Dante Kalise
A high-order semi-Lagrangian/finite volume scheme for Hamilton-Jacobi-Isaacs equations
Report No. 2014-41
Alessandro Alla, Maurizio Falcone, Dante Kalise
An accelerated value/policy iteration scheme for optimal control problems and games
Report No. 2014-40
M. Wolfmayr
A note on functional a posteriori estimates for elliptic optimal control problems
Report No. 2014-39
U. Langer, S. Repin, M. Wolfmayr
Functional a posteriori error estimates for time-periodic parabolic optimal control problems
Report No. 2014-38
U. Langer, H. Yang
A note on robust preconditioners for monolithic fluid-structure interaction systems of finite element equations
Report No. 2014-37
Q. Hong, J. Kraus
Uniformly stable discontinuous Galerkin discretization and robust iterative solution methods for the Brinkman problem
Report No. 2014-36
M. Kar, M. Sini
Reconstruction of interfaces from the elastic far-field measurements using CGO solutions
Report No. 2014-35
T.T. Nguyen, M. Sini
Regularized recursive Newton-type methods for inverse scattering problems using multifrequency measurements
Report No. 2014-34
L. Rondi, M. Sini
Stable determination of a scattered wave from its far-field pattern: the high frequency asymptotics
Report No. 2014-33
F. Al-Musallam, A. Boumenir, M. Sini
Detection of Multilayered Media in the Acoustic Waveguide
Report No. 2014-32
G. Hu, M. Mantile, M. Sini
Direct and Inverse Acoustic Scattering by a Collection of Extended and Point-Like Scatterers
Report No. 2014-31
G. Hu, M. Sini
Elastic scattering by finitely many point-like obstacles
Report No. 2014-30
M. Kar, M. Sini
An H s,p (curl; Ω) estimate for the Maxwell system
Report No. 2014-29
B. Ahmad, D.P. Challa, M. Kirane, M. Sini
The equivalent refraction index for the acoustic scattering by many small obstacles: with error estimates
Report No. 2014-28
R. Andreev
Wavelet-in-time multigrid-in-space preconditioning of parabolic evolution equations
Report No. 2014-27
R. Andreev
On long time integration of the heat equation
Report No. 2014-26
A. Mantzaflaris, B. Mourrain
Singular Zeros of Polynomial Systems
Report No. 2014-25
U. Langer, A. Mantzaflaris, S.E. Moore, I. Toulopoulos
Mesh Grading in Isogeometric Analysis
Report No. 2014-24
R. Andreev, O. Scherzer, W. Zulehner
Simultaneous optical flow and source estimation: space-time discretization and preconditioning
Report No. 2014-23
A. Mantzaflaris, B. Jüttler, B.N. Khoromskij, U. Langer
Matrix Generation in Isogeometric Analysis by Low Rank Tensor Approximation
Report No. 2014-22
G. Kriukova, S. Pereverzyev, P. Tkachenko
On the convergence rate and some applications of regularized ranking algorithms
Report No. 2014-21
S.S. Rodrigues
Normal feedback boundary stabilization to trajectories for 3D Navier–Stokes equations
Report No. 2014-20
U. Langer, S. Repin, M. Wolfmayr
Functional a posteriori error estimates for parabolic time-periodic boundary value problems
Report No. 2014-19
U. Langer, A. Mantzaflaris, S.E. Moore, I. Toulopoulos
Multipatch Discontinuous Galerkin Isogeometric Analysis
Report No. 2014-18
H. Cao, S.V. Pereverzyev, I.H. Sloan, P. Tkachenko
Two-parameter regularization of ill-posed spherical pseudo-differential equations in the space of continuous functions
Report No. 2014-17
T. Wick, W. Wollner
On the differentiability of fluid-structure interaction problems with respect to the problem data
Report No. 2014-16
Alessandro Alla, Maurizio Falcone, Dante Kalise
An efficient policy iteration algorithm for dynamic programming equations
Report No. 2014-15
Mattia Bongini, Massimo Fornasier, Dante Kalise
(Un)conditional consensus emergence under perturbed and decentralized feedback controls
Report No. 2014-14
Olivier Bokanowski, Maurizio Falcone, Roberto Ferretti, Lars Grüne, Dante Kalise, Hasnaa Zidani
Value iteration convergence of ε-monotone schemes for stationary Hamilton-Jacobi equations
Report No. 2014-13
S. Hittmeir, S. Merino-Aceituno
Kinetic Derivation of Fractional Stokes and Stokes-Fourier Systems
Report No. 2014-12
J. Niebsch, R. Ramlau
Simultaneous Estimation of Mass and Aerodynamic Rotor Imbalances for Wind Turbines
Report No. 2014-11
N. Villamizar, A. Mantzaflaris, B. Jüttler
Characterization of bivariate hierarchical quartic box splines on a three-directional grid
Report No. 2014-10
U. Langer, H. Yang
Numerical Simulation of Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems with Hyperelastic Models: A Monolithic Approach
Report No. 2014-09
U. Langer, I. Toulopoulos
Analysis of Discontinuous Galerkin IGA Approximations to Elliptic Boundary Value Problems
Report No. 2014-08
A. Mantzaflaris, B. Jüttler
Integration by Interpolation and Look-up for Galerkin-based Isogeometric Analysis
Report No. 2014-07
S. Pereverzyev, P. Tkachenko
Approximation of the solution of an ill-posed spherical pseudo-differential equation at a given point
Report No. 2014-06
S. Chen, M. Kauers, C. Koutschan
A Generalized Apagodu-Zeilberger Algorithm
Report No. 2014-05
S. Pereverzyev, I.H. Sloan, P. Tkachenko
Parameter choice strategies for least-squares approximation of noisy smooth functions on the sphere
Report No. 2014-04
H. Kasumba
Boundary control of a Bernoulli free boundary problem
Report No. 2014-03
A. Kröner, S.S. Rodrigues
Remarks on the internal exponential stabilization to a nonstationary solution for 1D Burgers equations
Report No. 2014-02
U. Langer, S.E. Moore
Discontinuous Galerkin Isogeometric Analysis of Elliptic PDEs on Surfaces
Report No. 2014-01