RICAM Reports

M. Kar, M. Sini
Reconstruction of interfaces using CGO solutions for the Maxwell equations
Report No. 2013-24
M. Kar, M. Sini
On the inverse elastic scattering by interfaces using one type of scattered waves
Report No. 2013-23
A. Kröner, K. Kunisch, H. Zidani
Optimal feedback control for undamped wave equations by solving a HJB equation
Report No. 2013-22
U. Langer, H. Yang
Numerical Simulation of Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems with Hyperelastic Models I: A Partitioned Approach
Report No. 2013-21
J. Kraus, M. Lymbery, S. Margenov
Auxiliary space multigrid method based on additive Schur complement approximation
Report No. 2013-20
Q. Hong, J. Kraus, J. Xu, L. Zikatanov
A robust multigrid method for discontinuous Galerkin discretizations of Stokes and linear elasticity equations
Report No. 2013-19
S. Rodrigues
Boundary observability inequalities for the 3D Oseen-Stokes system and applications
Report No. 2013-18
H. Kasumba
Shape optimization approaches to Free Surface Problems
Report No. 2013-17
H. Kasumba, K. Kunisch, A. Laurain
A bilevel shape optimization problem for the exterior Bernoulli free boundary value problem
Report No. 2013-16
R. Andreev, J. Schweitzer
Conditional space-time stability of collocation Runge--Kutta for parabolic evolution equations
Report No. 2013-15
M. Yudytskiy, T. Helin, R. Ramlau
A finite element-wavelet hybrid algorithm for atmospheric tomography
Report No. 2013-14
M. Yudytskiy, T. Helin, R. Ramlau
A frequency dependent preconditioned wavelet method for atmospheric tomography
Report No. 2013-13
P. Tkachenko, V. Naumova, S. Pereverzyev
Regularized collocation for Spherical harmonics Gravitational Field Modeling
Report No. 2013-12
A. Pechstein, C. Pechstein
A FETI method for a TDNNS discretization of plane elasticity
Report No. 2013-11
M. Fornasier, V. Naumova, S. Pereverzyev
Parameter Choice Strategies for Multi-Penalty Regularization
Report No. 2013-10
C. Koutschan
Creative Telescoping for Holonomic Functions
Report No. 2013-09
C. Koutschan, P. Paule, S.K. Suslov
Relativistic Coulomb Integrals and Zeilbergers Holonomic Systems Approach II
Report No. 2013-08
H.N. Mhaskar, V. Naumova, S. Pereverzyev
Filtered Legendre Expansion Method for Numerical Differentiation at the Boundary Point with Application to Blood Glucose Predictions
Report No. 2013-07
S.K. Kleiss, S. Tomar
Guaranteed and sharp a posteriori error estimates in isogeometric analysis
Report No. 2013-06
K. Gahalaut, S. Tomar
Algebraic Multilevel Preconditioning in Isogeometric Analysis: Construction and Numerical Studies
Report No. 2013-05
S. Tomar
Algebraic multilevel preconditioning in three-dimensional H(div) space
Report No. 2013-04
V. Naumova, S. Pereverzyev
Multi-Penalty Regularization with a Component-Wise Penalization
Report No. 2013-03
A. Kröner, K. Kunisch
A minimum effort optimal control problem for the wave equation
Report No. 2013-02
S. Garoufalidis, C. Koutschan
Irreducibility of q-difference operators and the knot 74
Report No. 2013-01