RICAM Reports

M. Kar, M. Sini
Reconstructing obstacles by the enclosure method using in one step the farfield measurements
Report No. 2012-32
A. Mantzaflaris, B. Jüttler
Exploring Matrix Generation Strategies in Isogeometric Analysis
Report No. 2012-31
N. Bayramov, J. Kraus
On the robust solution of Convection-Diffusion Equation coupled with Stokes equation
Report No. 2012-30
J. Kraus, M. Lymbery, S. Margenov
Robust multilevel methods for quadratic finite element anisotropic elliptic problems
Report No. 2012-29
J. Brannick, Y. Chen, J. Kraus, L. Zikatanov
Algebraic multilevel preconditioners for the graph Laplacian based on matching in graphs
Report No. 2012-28
S. Tomar
Algebraic multilevel preconditioning in H(Ω, curl)
Report No. 2012-27
I.Z. Emiris, A. Mantzaflaris, B. Mourrain
Voronoï Diagrams of Algebraic Distance Fields
Report No. 2012-26
I.Z. Emiris, A. Mantzaflaris
Multihomogeneous Resultant Formulae for Systems with Scaled Support
Report No. 2012-25
H. Ahmadinezhad
Birational models of Mori fibre spaces, pliability and Cox rings
Report No. 2012-24
K. Gahalaut, S. Tomar
Condition number estimates for matrices arising in the isogeometric discretizations
Report No. 2012-23
A. Korporal, G. Regensburger
On the product of projectors and generalized inverses
Report No. 2012-22
S. Müller, G. Regensburger
Generalized mass action systems: Complex balancing equilibria and sign vectors of the stoichiometric and kinetic-order subspaces
Report No. 2012-21
J. Willems
Spectral Coarse Spaces in robust two-level methods
Report No. 2012-20
H. Yang
Improved Robustness of the Fluid-Structure Interaction Simulation with a Nearly Incompressible Elasticity Model
Report No. 2012-19
H. Kasumba, K. Kunisch
On computation of the shape Hessian of the cost functional without shape sensitivity of the state variable
Report No. 2012-18
Jörg Willems
Robust Multilevel Solvers for High-Contrast Anisotropic Multiscale Problems
Report No. 2012-17
S. Rodrigues, S. Pedro Aguiar
On the linearization up to multi-output injection for a class of nonlinear systems with implicitly defined outputs
Report No. 2012-16
S. Lu, V. Naumova, S. Pereverzyev
Numerical differentiation by means of Legendre polynomials in the presence of square summable noise
Report No. 2012-15
K. Gahalaut, S. Tomar
Condition number study of graph theory based preconditioners for isogeometric discretization of Poisson equation
Report No. 2012-14
A. Kröner
Semi-smooth Newton methods for optimal control of the dynamical Lamé system with control constraints
Report No. 2012-13
S. Rodrigues
Local exact boundary controllability of 3D Navier--Stokes equations
Report No. 2012-12
H. Yang
Domain Decomposition Solvers for the Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems with Anisotropic Elasticity Models
Report No. 2012-11
P. Kügler
Moment fitting for parameter inference in repeatedly and partially observed stochastic biological models
Report No. 2012-10
A. Kröner
Adaptive Finite Element Methods for Optimal Control of Elastic Waves
Report No. 2012-09
K. Gahalaut, J. Kraus, S. Tomar
Multigrid Methods for Isogeometric Discretization
Report No. 2012-08
H. Kasumba, K. Kunisch
Vortex control of instationary channel flows using translation invariant cost functionals
Report No. 2012-07
Jörg Willems
Robust Multilevel Methods for General Symmetric Positive Definite Operators
Report No. 2012-06
Karl Kunisch, Daniel Wachsmuth
On Time Optimal Control of the Wave Equation, its Regularization and Optimality System
Report No. 2012-05
Daniel Wachsmuth, Gerd Wachsmuth
Necessary conditions for convergence rates of regularizations of optimal control problems
Report No. 2012-04
Saheed Akindeinde, Daniel Wachsmuth
Adaptive methods for control problems with finite-dimensional control space
Report No. 2012-03
H. Yang
A Class of Fluid-Structure Interaction Solvers with a Nearly Incompressible Elasticity Model
Report No. 2012-02
S.K. Kleiss, C. Pechstein, B. Jüttler, S. Tomar
IETI - Isogeometric Tearing and Interconnecting
Report No. 2012-01