RICAM Reports

R. Lazarov S., S. Tomar
Functional A Posteriori Error Estimates for Discontinuous Galerkin Approximations of Elliptic Problems
Report No. 2006-40
J. Kraus, S. Tomar
A multilevel method for discontinuous Galerkin approximation of three-dimensional anisotropic elliptic problems
Report No. 2006-39
M. Discacciati
Mathematical and numerical analysis of a steady magnetohydrodynamic problem
Report No. 2006-38
V.G. Korneev, S.V. Poborchi, A. Salgado
Interface Schur complement preconditioning for piece wise orthotropic discretizations with high aspect ratios
Report No. 2006-37
J. Kraus, S. Tomar
Multilevel preconditioning of elliptic problems discretized by a class of discontinuous Galerkin methods
Report No. 2006-36
A. Hofinger, H.K. Pikkarainen
Convergence rates for the Bayesian approach to linear inverse problems
Report No. 2006-35
L. Neumann, C. Sparber
Stability of steady states in kinetic Fokker-Planck equations for Bosons and Fermions
Report No. 2006-34
S. Beuchler, S.V. Nepomnyaschikh
Overlapping Additive Schwarz preconditioners for degenerated elliptic problems: Part II- locally anisotropic problems
Report No. 2006-33
S. Beuchler, S.V. Nepomnyaschikh
Overlapping Additive Schwarz preconditioners for degenerated elliptic problems: Part I- isotropic problems
Report No. 2006-32
M. Fornasier
Faithful Recovery of Vector Valued Functions from Incomplete Data. Recolorization and Art Restoration
Report No. 2006-31
M. Fornasier, R. March
Restoration of color images by vector valued BV functions and variational calculus
Report No. 2006-30
K. Kunisch, B. Vexler
Constrained Dirichlet Boundary Control in L² for a Class of Evolution Equations
Report No. 2006-29
M. Fornasier, K. Gröchenig
Optimal Adaptive Computations in the Jaffard Algebra and Localized Frames
Report No. 2006-28
M. Fornasier, H. Rauhut
Recovery algorithms for vector valued data with joint sparsity constraints
Report No. 2006-27
K. Brandes, R. Griesse
Quantitative Stability Analysis of Optimal Solutions in PDE-Constrained Optimization
Report No. 2006-26
S. Repin, J. Valdman
Functional a posteriori error estimates for problems with nonlinear boundary conditions
Report No. 2006-25
A. Gabih, J. Sass, R. Wunderlich
Utility Maximization Under Bounded Expected Loss
Report No. 2006-24
S. Margenov, J. Synka
Generalized aggregation-based multilevel preconditioning of Crouzeix-Raviart FEM elliptic problems
Report No. 2006-23
J.M.J. Huttunen, H.K. Pikkarainen
Discretization error in dynamical inverse problems: one-dimensional model case
Report No. 2006-22
V. Korneev, A. Rytov
Fast domain decomposition algorithm for discretizations of 3-d elliptic equations by spectral elements
Report No. 2006-21
H. Albrecher, S. Thonhauser
Dividend maximization under consideration of the time value of ruin
Report No. 2006-20
D. Braess, J. Schöberl
Equilibrated Residual Error Estimator for Maxwell's Equations
Report No. 2006-19
S. Amstutz, B. Vexler, T. Takahashi
Topological sensitivity analysis for time-dependent problems
Report No. 2006-18
R. Griesse, T. Grund, D. Wachsmuth
Update Strategies for Perturbed Nonsmooth Equations
Report No. 2006-17
S.D. Mechveliani
A Predicate Calculus Prover Based on Completion and Boolean Term Algebra
Report No. 2006-16
M. Burger, M. Di Francesco
Large Time Behavior of Nonlocal Aggregation Models with Nonlinear Diffusion
Report No. 2006-15
L. Ambrosio, V. Capasso, E. Villa
On the approximation of geometric densities of random closed sets
Report No. 2006-14
V. Capasso, E. Villa
On the geometric densities of random closed sets
Report No. 2006-13
H. Albrecher, J. Hartinger, S. Thonhauser
Exact solutions for dividend strategies of threshold and barrier type in a Sparre Andersen model
Report No. 2006-12
H. Egger
Preconditioning CGNE-Iterations for Inverse Problems
Report No. 2006-11
R. Becker, B. Vexler
Optimal Control of the Convection-Diffusion Equation using Stabilized Finite Element Methods
Report No. 2006-10
B. Kaltenbacher
On the Regularizing Properties of Truncated Cholesky Factorization
Report No. 2006-09
D. Meidner, B. Vexler
Adaptive Space-Time Finite Element Methods for Parabolic Optimization Problems
Report No. 2006-08
S. Tomar, J.J.W. van der Vegt
A Runge-Kutta discontinuous Galerkin method for linear free-surface gravity waves using high order velocity recovery
Report No. 2006-07
B. Kaltenbacher, A. Neubauer
Convergence of projected iterative regularization methods for nonlinear problems with smooth solutions
Report No. 2006-06
B. Hackl
Methods for reliable topology changes for perimeter regularized geometric inverse problems
Report No. 2006-05
M. Discacciati, A. Quarteroni, A. Valli
Robin-Robin Domain Decomposition Methods for the Stokes-Darcy Coupling
Report No. 2006-04
I. Georgiev, J. Kraus, S. Margenov
Multilevel preconditioning of rotated bilinear non-conforming FEM problems
Report No. 2006-03
S. Akiyama, K. Scheicher
Intersecting Two-Dimensional Fractals with Lines
Report No. 2006-02
K. Scheicher
Efficient simulation of Lévy areas
Report No. 2006-01