RICAM Reports

F. Leibfritz, J.H. Maruhn
A Successive SDP-NSDP Approach to a Robust Optimization Problem in Finance
Report No. 2005-32
H. Egger, T. Hein, B. Hofmann
On decoupling of volatility smile and term structure in inverse option pricing
Report No. 2005-31
R. Griesse, A.J. Meir
Modeling of an MHD Free Surface Problem Arising in CZ Crystal Growth
Report No. 2005-30
R. Griesse, M. Weiser
On the Interplay Between Interior Point Approximation and Parametric Sensitivities in Optimal Control
Report No. 2005-29
R. Lazarov, S. Margenov
CBS constants for graph-Laplacians and application to multilevel methods for discontinuous Galerkin systems
Report No. 2005-28
S. Börm
Adaptive variable-rank approximation of general dense matrices
Report No. 2005-27
J. Hartinger, D. Kortschak
Quasi-Monte Carlo Techniques and Rare Event Sampling
Report No. 2005-26
R.D. Lazarov, S. Lu, S.V. Pereverzyev
On the balancing principle for some problems of Numerical Analysis
Report No. 2005-25
S. Amstutz
Sensitivity analysis with respect to a local perturbation of the material property
Report No. 2005-24
A. Hofinger, F. Pillichshammer
Learning a Function from Noisy Samples at a Finite Sparse Set of Points
Report No. 2005-23
S. Cho, S.V. Nepomnyaschikh, E.J. Park
Domain Decomposition Preconditioning for Elliptic Problems with Jumps in Coefficients
Report No. 2005-22
S. Amstutz, N. Dominguez
Topological sensitivity analysis in the context of ultrasonic nondestructive testing
Report No. 2005-21
H.K. Pikkarainen
State estimation approach to nonstationary inverse problems: discretization error and filtering problem
Report No. 2005-20
J.K. Kraus
Algebraic multigrid based on computational molecules, 2: Systems of elliptic partial differential equations
Report No. 2005-19
J.C. de los Reyes, R. Griesse
State-Constrained Optimal Control of the Stationary Navier-Stokes Equations
Report No. 2005-18
T. Apel, A. Rösch, G. Winkler
Optimal control in nonconvex domains: a priori discretization error estimates
Report No. 2005-17
U. Langer, D. Pusch
Convergence Analysis of Geometric Multigrid Methods for Solving Data-Sparse Boundary Element Equations
Report No. 2005-16
R. Griesse, B. Vexler
Numerical Sensitivity Analysis for the Quantity of Interest in PDE-Constrained Optimization
Report No. 2005-15
M. Burger, M. Di Francesco, Y. Dolak-Struss
The Keller-Segel model for chemotaxis with prevention of overcrowding: Linear vs. nonlinear diffusion
Report No. 2005-14
A. Rösch, B. Vexler
Superconvergence in Finite Element Methods for the Optimal Control Problem of the Stokes Equations
Report No. 2005-13
J. A. Carrillo, M. Di Francesco, G. Toscani
Strict Contractivity of the 2-Wasserstein distance for the porous medium equation by mass-centering
Report No. 2005-12
J. Schöberl, J.M. Melenk, C. Pechstein, S.C. Zaglmayr
Additive Schwarz Preconditioning for p-Version Triangular and Tetrahedral Finite Elements
Report No. 2005-11
J. Schöberl
A posteriori error estimates for Maxwell Equations
Report No. 2005-10
M. Thamban Nair, S.V. Pereverzyev, U. Tautenhahn
Regularization in Hilbert scales under general smoothing conditions
Report No. 2005-09
T. Beck, J. Schicho
Sparse Parametrization of Plane Curves
Report No. 2005-08
U. Langer, G. Of, O. Steinbach, W. Zulehner
Inexact Data-Sparse Boundary Element Tearing and Interconnecting Methods
Report No. 2005-07
S. Akiyama, K. Scheicher
From number systems to shift radix systems
Report No. 2005-06
J.K. Kraus, J. Schicho
Algebraic multigrid based on computational molecules, 1: Scalar elliptic problems
Report No. 2005-05
S.K. Tomar, Pravir Dutt
Parallel h-p Spectral Element Methods for Elliptic Problems on Non-smooth Domains
Report No. 2005-04
T. Beck, J. Schicho
Approximate Roots in Graded Rings
Report No. 2005-03
R. Griesse, K. Kunisch
A Practical Optimal Control Approach to the Stationary MHD System in Velocity--Current Formulation
Report No. 2005-02
H. Egger
Accelerated Newton-Landweber Iterations for Regularizing Nonlinear Inverse Problems
Report No. 2005-01