RICAM Reports

S.S. Rodrigues
Oblique projection exponential dynamical observer for nonautonomous linear parabolic-like equations
Report No. 2020-12
B. Azmi, S.S. Rodrigues
Oblique projection local feedback stabilization of nonautonomous semilinear damped wave-like equations
Report No. 2020-11
J.A. Iglesias, G. Mercier, E. Chaparian, I.A. Frigaard
Computing the Yield Limit in Three-dimensional Flows of a Yield Stress Fluid About a Settling Particle
Report No. 2020-10
M. Lopez-Martinez, G. Mercier, K. Sadiq, O. Scherzer, M. Schneider, J.C. Schotland, G.J. Schütz, R. Telschow
Inverse Problems of Single Molecule Localization Microscopy
Report No. 2020-09
H. Fujiwara, K. Sadiq, A. Tamasan
Numerical reconstruction of radiative sources in an absorbing and non-diffusing scattering medium in two dimensions
Report No. 2020-08
H. Du, J. Guo, Z. Li, E. Wong
An Additive Decomposition in S-Primitive Towers
Report No. 2020-07
P. Kritzer, F. Pillichshammer, H. Wozniakowski
Exponential tractability of linear weighted tensor product problems in the worst-case setting for arbitrary linear functionals
Report No. 2020-06
A. Warren
On Products of Shifts in Arbitrary Fields
Report No. 2020-05
P. Kritzer, F. Pillichshammer, G.W. Wasilkowski
On quasi-Monte Carlo methods in weighted ANOVA spaces
Report No. 2020-04
A.S. Serdyuk, T. Stepaniuk
Uniform approximations by Fourier sums on classes of convolutions of periodic functions
Report No. 2020-03
A. Ebert, P. Kritzer, D. Nuyens, O. Osisiogu
Digit-by-digit and component-by-component constructions of lattice rules for periodic functions with unknown smoothness
Report No. 2020-02
A. Beigl, J. Sogn, W. Zulehner
Robust preconditioners for multiple saddle point problems and applications to optimal control problems
Report No. 2020-01