RICAM Reports

U. Langer, O. Steinbach, F. Tröltzsch, H. Yang
Space-time finite element methods for the initial temperature reconstruction
Report No. 2021-16
P. Grohs, L. Herrmann
Deep neural network approximation for high-dimensional parabolic Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equations
Report No. 2021-15
R. Schneckenleitner, S. Takacs
IETI-DP for conforming multi-patch Isogeometric Analysis in three dimensions
Report No. 2021-14
H. Harbrecht, L. Herrmann, K. Kirchner, C. Schwab
Multilevel approximation of Gaussian random fields: Covariance compression, estimation, and spatial prediction
Report No. 2021-13
R. Schneckenleitner, S. Takacs
Towards a IETI-DP solver on non-matching multi-patch domains
Report No. 2021-12
T. Danczul, C. Hofreither
On Rational Krylov and Reduced Basis Methods for Fractional Diffusion
Report No. 2021-11
L. Rondi, E. Sincich, M. Sini
Stable determination of a rigid scatterer in elastodynamics
Report No. 2021-10
M. Sini, H. Wang, Q. Yao
Analysis of the acoustic waves reflected by a cluster of small holes in the time-domain and the equivalent mass density
Report No. 2021-09
A. Bouzekri, M. Sini
Mesoscale Approximation of the Electromagnetic Fields
Report No. 2021-08
F. Scholz, B. Jüttler
Parameterization for Polynomial Curve Approximation via Residual Deep Neural Networks
Report No. 2021-07
U. Langer, O. Steinbach, H. Yang
Robust discretization and solvers for elliptic optimal control problems with energy regularization
Report No. 2021-06
A. Ebert, F. Pillichshammer
Tractability of approximation in the weighted Korobov space in the worst-case setting – a complete picture
Report No. 2021-05
A. Ebert, P. Kritzer, O. Osisiogu, T. Stepaniuk
Construction of good polynomial lattice rules in weighted Walsh spaces by an alternative component-by-component construction
Report No. 2021-04
L. Herrmann, J.A.A. Opschoor, C. Schwab
Constructive Deep ReLU Neural Network Approximation
Report No. 2021-03
R. Dougherty-Bliss, C. Koutschan, D. Zeilberger
Tweaking the Beukers Integrals In Search of More Miraculous Irrationality Proofs À La Apéry
Report No. 2021-02
C. Koutschan, I. Kotsireas
Legendre pairs of lengths $\ell\equiv0\,(\mathrm{mod}\;3)$
Report No. 2021-01