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Priv. Doz. Dr. Sven Beuchler

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Peer Reviewed Journal Publication
  • Beuchler, S.; Pillwein, V.; Zaglmayr, S. (2012, online: 2012) Sparsity optimized high order finite element functions for H(div) on simplices. Numerische Mathematik, Bd. Volume 122 (Issue 2), S. pp 197-225.
  • Sven Beuchler, ; Clemens Pechstein, ; Wachsmuth, Daniel (2010) Boundary concentrated finite elements for optimal boundary control problems of elliptic PDEs. Computational Optimization and Applications.
  • Beuchler, Sven; RICAM, Austrian Academy of Sciences (2008) Wavelet solvers for hp-FEM discretizations in 3D using hexahedral elements. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering .
  • Beuchler, Sven; Eibner, Tino; Langer, Ulrich (2008) Primal and Dual Interface Concentrated Iterative Substructuring Methods. SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis, Bd. 46 (6), S. 2818-2842. (link)
  • Beuchler, S.; Schöberl, J. (2005) Optimal extensions on tensor product meshes. Applied Numerical Mathematics, Bd. 54(3-4), S. 391-405.
  • Beuchler, S. (2005) Extension operators on tensor product structures in 2D and 3D. SIAM Journal of Scientific Computing, Bd. 26(5), S. 1776-1795.
  • Beuchler, S. (2005) A domain decomposition preconditioner for p-FEM discretizations of two dimensional elliptic problems. Computing, Bd. 74(4), S. 299-317.
  • Primal and dual interface concentrated iterative substructuring methods. SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis, Bd. 46(6).

Conference Contribution: Publication in Proceedings
  • Beuchler, Sven (2008) Additive Schwarz preconditioners for degenerate problems with isotropic coefficients. In: Kunisch, Karl; Of, Guetnther; Steinbach, Olaf (Hrsg.), Numerical Mathematics and Advanced applications: Springer, S. 143-150.

Contribution in Collection
  • Beuchler, S.; Pillwein, V.; J. Schoeber, ; Zaglmayr, S. (2011, online: 2011) Sparsity optimized high finite element function on Simplices. In: Ulrich Langer, Peter Paule (Hrsg.), Numerical and Symbolic Scientific Computation: Progress and Prospects Texts and Monographs in Symbolic Computation; Wien: Springer Verlag, S. 21-44.

  • Beuchler, Sven (2009) Fast solvers for $hp$-finite element discretizations of elliptic boundary value problems two and three space dimensions. Habilitationsschrift, TNF-Fakultaet, JKU Linz.

Research Report
  • Beuchler, Sven; Pechstein, Clemens; Wachsmuth, Daniel (2010) Boundary concentrated finite elements for optimal boundary control problems of elliptic PDEs. Bericht-Nr. 2010-04; RICAM: Linz.

Other Publication
  • S. Beuchler, V. Pillwein, S. Zaglmayr (2011, online: 2011) Fast summation techniques for sparse shape functions in tetrahedral hp-FEM, Proceedings of the DD20..