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Dr Stephan Anzengruber

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Stephan Anzengruber

Peer Reviewed Journal Publication
  • Wang, W.; Anzengruber, S. W.; Ramlau, R.; Han, B. (2014) A global minimization algorithm for Tikhonov functionals with sparsity constraints. Applicable Analysis, Bd. 94 (3), S. 580-611.
  • Anzengruber, S. W.; Hofmann, B.; Ramlau, R. (2013) On the interplay of basis smoothness and specific rangeconditions occurring in sparsity regularization. Inverse Problems, Bd. 29 (12), S. 125002.
  • Anzengruber, S. W.; Klann, E.; Ramlau, R.; Tonova, D. (2012) Numerical methods for the design of gradient-index optical coatings. Applied Optics, Bd. 51 (34), S. 173652.
  • Anzengruber, Stephan W.; Ramlau, Ronny (2010) Morozov's discrepancy principle for Tikhonov-type functionals with non-linear operators. Inverse Problems, Bd. 26 (2), S. 17pp . (link)
  • S. Anzengruber, F. Bauer, A. Leitão, R. Ramlau (2008) New algorithms for parallel MRI. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Bd. 135, S. 8p. (link)
  • Anzengruber, Stephan W; Hofmann, Bernd; Bürger, Steven; Steinmeyer, Günter Variational regularization of complex deautoconvolution and phase retrieval in ultrashort laser pulse characterization. Inverse Problems.