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Dr. Stefan Kindermann

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Peer Reviewed Journal Publication
  • Tapio Helin, Stefan Kindermann, Jonatan Lehtonen, Ronny Ramlau (2018) Atmospheric turbulence profiling with unknown power spectral density. Inverse Problems, Bd. 34 (4), S. 044002.
  • Engl, H.; Hofinger, A.; Kindermann, S. (2005) Convergence Rates in the Prokhorov Metric for Assessing Uncertainty in Ill-Posed Problems. Inverse Problems, Bd. 21, S. 399-412. (link)

  • M. Cullen, ; M.A. Freitag, ; S. Kindermann, ; Scheichl, R. (2013) Large scale inverse problems: Computational methods and applications in the earth sciences. In Reihe: Radon Series on Computational and Applied Mathematics: Walter De Gruyter Inc.

Contribution in Collection
  • Kindermann, Stefan; Pikkarainen, Hanna Katriina (2009) Regularization of Inverse Problems and its Application to the Calibration of Option Price Models. In: Albrecher, Hansjoerg; Runggaldier, Wolfgang J.; Schachermayer, Walter (Hrsg.), Advanced Financial Modelling, 8. Aufl.; Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, S. 223-244.

Research Report
  • al., R Ramlau et Final Report AO1: Introductory study Austrian In-Kind Contribution Mathematical Algorithms and Software for ELT Adaptive Optics. Bericht-Nr. 2;.