Dr. Simon Hubmer

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Simon Hubmer

Peer Reviewed Journal Publication
  • Hubmer, Simon; Knudsen, Kim; Li, Changyou; Sherina, Ekaterina (2019) Limited-angle acousto-electrical tomography. Inverse Problems in Science and Engineering, Bd. 27 (9), S. 1298--1317.
  • Hubmer, Simon; Ramlau, Ronny (2018) Nesterov's accelerated gradient method for nonlinear ill-posed problems with a locally convex residual functional. Inverse Probl., Bd. 34 (9), S. ARTN 095003.
  • Hubmer, Simon; Sherina, Ekaterina; Neubauer, Andreas; Scherzer, Otmar (2018) Lamé Parameter Estimation from Static Displacement Field Measurements in the Framework of Nonlinear Inverse Problems. SIAM J. Imaging Sci., Bd. 11 (2), S. 1268-1293.
  • S. Hubmer, A. Neubauer, R. Ramlau, H. U. Voss (2018) On the Parameter Estimation Problem of Magnetic Resonance Advection Imaging. Journal of Inverse Problems and Imaging, Bd. 12 (1), S. 175-204.
  • Hubmer, Simon; Ramlau, Ronny (2017) Convergence analysis of a two-point gradient method for nonlinear ill-posed problems. Inverse Probl., Bd. 33 (9), S. ARTN 095004.
  • S. Hubmer, R. Ramlau (2017) Convergence Analysis of a Two-Point Gradient Method for Nonlinear Ill-Posed Problems. Inverse Problems (33).