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Dr. Roman Andreev

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Peer Reviewed Journal Publication
  • Andreev, Roman (2015) On long time integration of the heat equation. Calcolo, Bd. n/a, S. n/a. (link)
  • Andreev, Roman; Tobler, Christine (2014) Multilevel preconditioning and low rank tensor iteration for space-time simultaneous discretizations of parabolic PDEs. Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications, Bd. 22 (2), S. 317–337. (link)
  • Andreev, Roman (2014, online: 2014) A note on the norm of oblique projections. Applied Mathematics E-Notes, Bd. 14, S. 43-44. (link)
  • Gittelson, Claude Jeffrey; Andreev, Roman; Schwab, Christoph (2014, online: 2013) Optimality of adaptive Galerkin methods for random parabolic partial differential equations. Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, Bd. 263, S. 189-201 .
  • Andreev, Roman; Schweitzer, Julia (2014, online: 2014) Conditional space-time stability of collocation Runge-Kutta for parabolic evolution equations. Electron Trans Numer Anal, Bd. 41, S. 62-80. (link)
  • Andreev, Roman (2014, online: 2014) Space-time discretization of the heat equation. Numerical Algorithms, Bd. 67, S. 713-731. (link)
  • Andreev, Roman; Lang, Annika (2014, online: 2014) Kolmogorov-Chentsov theorem and differentiability of random fields on manifolds. Potential Analysis, Bd. 41, S. 761-769. (link)
  • Andreev, Roman; Scherzer, Otmar; Zulehner, Walter Simultaneous optical flow and source estimation: space-time discretization and preconditioning. RICAM report, Bd. n/a, S. n/a. (link)
  • Andreev, R.; Elbau, P.; de Hoop, M. V.; Qiu, L.; Scherzer, O. Generalized convergence rates results for linear inverse problems in Hilbert spaces. arXiv, Bd. n/a, S. n/a. (link)
  • Andreev, Roman Wavelet-in-time multigrid-in-space preconditioning of parabolic evolution equations. RICAM report, Bd. n/a, S. n/a. (link)