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Richard Hofer

Peer Reviewed Journal Publication
  • R. Hofer, A. Winterhof (2019) r-th order nonlinearity, correlation measure and least significant bit of the discrete logarithm. Cryptography and Communications, Bd. 11 (5), S. 993--997.
  • R. Hofer, A. Winterhof (2018) On the 2-adic complexity of the two-prime generator. IEEE Transactions Information Theory, Bd. 64 (8), S. 5957--5960.
  • R. Hofer, A. Winterhof (2017) Linear complexity and expansion complexity of some number theoretic sequences. Lecture Notes Computer Science, Bd. 10064, S. 67-74.
  • R. Hofer, A. Winterhof (2017) On the arithmetic autocorrelation of the Legendre sequence. Advances in Mathematics of Communications, Bd. 11 (1), S. 237-244.

Contribution in Collection
  • R. Hofer, L. Merai, A. Winterhof (2017) Measures of pseudorandomness: Arithmetic autocorrelation and correlation measure. In: C. Elsholtz, P. Grabner (Hrsg.), Number Theory - Diophantine problems, uniform distribution and applications, Festschrift in honour of Robert F. Tichy's 60th birthday.: Springer, S. 303-312.

  • Hofer, R. (2017) New Bounds on Some Measures of Pseudorandomness. Doktorarbeit, RICAM, JKU Linz, Linz.