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DI. Dr. Michael Aichinger

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Peer Reviewed Journal Publication
  • Kylanpaa, I.; Aichinger, M.; Janecek, S.; Rasanen, E. (2015) Finite-size effects and interactions in artificial graphene formed by repulsive scatterers. J. Phys.-Condes. Matter, Bd. 27 (42), S. ARTN 425501.
  • Aichinger, Michael; Janecek, Stefan; Kylänpää, Ilkka; Räsänen, Esa (2014) Dirac physics in flakes of artificial graphene in magnetic fields. Physical Review B, Bd. 89, S. 235433. (link)
  • Janecek, Stefan; Aichinger, Michael; Hernández, Eduardo R. (2013) Two-dimensional Bloch electrons in perpendicular magnetic fields: An exact calculation of the Hofstadter butterfly spectrum. Physical Review B, Bd. 87, S. 235429.
  • E. Räsänen, A. Mühle, M. Aichinger, and R. J. Haug (2011, online: 2011) Observation of sequential spin flips in quantum rings. Physical Review B, Bd. 84, S. 165320.
  • Aichinger, Michael; Janecek, Stefan; Räsänen, Esa (2010) Billiards in magnetic fields: A molecular dynamics approach.

  • A. Binder, M. Aichinger (2013) A Workout in Computational Finance.

Conference Contribution: Publication in Proceedings
  • Liebrecht, Michael; Baum, Ann-Kristin; Wahl, Roman; Aichinger, Michael; Parteder, Erik (2019) Process Model for the Industrial Plate Leveling Operation with Emphasis on Online Control. (NUMIFORM 2019).

Other Publication
  • Fürst, Johannes A two stage method for the calibration of a commodity model on time series of futures and spots. RICAM Transfer Group: Internal Report.