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Dr. Mariya Zhariy

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Research Report
  • al., R Ramlau et Final Report AO1: Introductory study Austrian In-Kind Contribution Mathematical Algorithms and Software for ELT Adaptive Optics. Bericht-Nr. 2;.
  • al., M. Zhariy et One year technical report of the austrian in-kind project AO. Bericht-Nr. 6;.
  • Zhariy, M. Hilbert transform reconstructor for non-modulated PWS measurements. Bericht-Nr. 13;.
  • Zhariy, M. Two component reconstructor for modulated PWS measurements. Bericht-Nr. 15;.
  • M. Yudytskiy, T. Helin and M. Zhariy Wavelet-based wavefront reconstruction for SCAO. Bericht-Nr. 5; ESO:.
  • Zhariy, G. Auzinger and A. Obereder and R. Ramlau and M. Rosensteiner and I. Shatokhina and M. Yudytskiy and M. Mid Term Review AO4: SCAO / XAO. Bericht-Nr. 16; ESO:.