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Dr. Kevin Sturm

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Kevin Sturm

Peer Reviewed Journal Publication
  • Paganini, Alberto; Sturm, Kevin (2019) WEAKLY NORMAL BASIS VECTOR FIELDS IN RKHS WITH AN APPLICATION TO SHAPE NEWTON METHODS. SIAM J. Numer. Anal., Bd. 57 (1), S. 1-26.
  • Iglesias, José A.; Sturm, Kevin; Wechsung, Florian (2018) Two-Dimensional Shape Optimization with Nearly Conformal Transformations. SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, Bd. 40 (6), S. A3807-A3830.
  • Rodrigues, Sergio S.; Sturm, Kevin (2018) On the explicit feedback stabilisation of one-dimensional linear nonautonomous parabolicequations via oblique projections. IMA J. Math. Control Inform., Bd. vv, S. pp.
  • D. Kalise, ; K. Kunisch, ; Sturm, K. (2018) Optimal actuator design based on shape calculus. Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Sciences, Bd. 28 (13), S. 2667-2717.

Research Report
  • Iglesias, José A.; Sturm, Kevin; Wechsung, Florian (2017) Shape optimisation with nearly conformal transformations. Bericht-Nr. RICAM Report 2017-34; Linz. (link)