Dr. Kamran Sadiq

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Kamran Sadiq

Peer Reviewed Journal Publication
  • Fujiwara, Hiroshi; Sadiq, Kamran; Tamasan, Alexandru (2019) A Fourier approach to the inverse source problem in an absorbing and anisotropic scattering medium. Inverse Problems, Bd. 36 (5), S. 33.
  • Sadiq, Kamran; Scherzer, Otmar; Tamasan, Alexandru (2016) On the X-ray transform of planar symmetric 2-tensors. J. Math. Anal. Appl., Bd. 442 (1), S. 31-49.
  • Sadiq, K.; Tamasan, A. (2015, online: 2014) On the Range of the Attenuated Radon Transform in strictly Convex Sets. Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, Bd. 367 (8), S. 5375--5398.
  • Sadiq, K.; Tamasan, A. (2015, online: 2015) On the Range Characterization of the two-dimensional Attenuated Doppler Transform. Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) Journal on Mathematical Analysis, Bd. 47 (3), S. 2001-2021.
  • Beigl, Alexander; Elbau, Peter; Sadiq, Kamran; Scherzer, Otmar (online: 2018) Quantitative Photoacoustic Imaging in the Acoustic Regime using SPIM. Inverse Problems, Bd. 34 (5), S. 1-15.