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Dr. Hui Cao

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Peer Reviewed Journal Publication
  • Cao, Hui; Pereverzyev, Sergei V; Sloan, Ian H; Tkachenko, Pavlo (2016, online: 2015) Two-parameter regularization of ill-posed spherical pseudo-differential equations in the space of continuous functions. Applied Mathematics and Computation, Bd. 273, S. 993-1005. (link)
  • Cao, Hui; Pereverzyev, Sergei; Sincich, Eva (2014, online: 2013) Discretized Tikhonov regularization for Robin boundaries localization. Applied Mathematics and Computation, Bd. 226, S. 374–385.
  • Hui, Cao; Michael, Klibanov; Sergei, Pereverzyev (2009) A Carleman estimate and the balancing principle in the quasi-reversibility method for solving the Cauchy problem for the Laplace equation. Inverse problems, Bd. 25, S. 035005 (21pp). (link)
  • Hui Cao, Sergei V. Pereverzyev (2007) The balancing principle for the regularization of elliptic Cauchy problems. Inverse Problems, Bd. 23, S. 1943-1961. (link)
  • Hui Cao, Sergei V. Pereverzyev (2006) Natural linearization for the identification of a diffusion coefficient in a quasi-linear parabolic system from short-time observations. Inverse Problems, Bd. 22(6), S. 2311-2330. (link)
  • Cao, Hui (2005) Discretized Tikhonov-Phillips regularization for naturally linearized parameter identification problem. Journal of Complexity, Bd. 21(6), S. 864-877.

Conference Contribution: Publication in Proceedings
  • Hui, Cao; Sergei, Pereverzyev; Eva, Sincich (2008) Natural liearization for corrosion identification., ICIPE proceedings In Reihe: ICIPE proceedings: IOP.

Contribution in Collection
  • Pereverzyev, Hui Cao and Sergei (2010) Regularization of naturally linearized parameter identification problems and the application of the balancing principle. In: Yanfei Wang, Anatoly G. Yagola and Changchun Yang (Hrsg.), Optimization and regularization for computational inverse problems and applications: Springer, S. 65-106. (link)