Elaine Wong, MSc

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Elaine Wong

Peer Reviewed Journal Publication
  • Thotsaporn Thanatipanonda, Elaine Wong (2018) Curious Bounds for Floor Function Sums. Journal of Integer Sequences, Bd. 21, S. Article 18.1.8. (link)
  • Thotsaporn Thanatipanonda, Elaine Wong (2017) On the Minimum Number of Monochromatic Generalized Schur Triples. The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, Bd. 24 (2), S. P2.20. (link)

Research Report
  • Jaspar Wiart, Elaine Wong (2020) Walsh functions, scrambled (0,m,s)-nets, and negative covariance: applying symbolic computation to quasi-Monte Carlo integration. Bericht-Nr. 2020-24;. (link)
  • Hao Du, Jing Guo, Ziming Li and Elaine Wong (2020) An Additive Decomposition in S-Primitive Towers. Bericht-Nr. 2020-07;. (link)
  • Christoph Koutschan, Elaine Wong (2019) Exact lower bounds for monochromatic Schur triples and generalizations. Bericht-Nr. 2019-16; RICAM: Linz. (link)