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Dr. Domingo Gomez Perez

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Research Scientist Financial Mathematics

Short Curriculum Vitae

  • born on June 9, 1979 in Santander, Spain
  • 1997/2002 Study of Mathematics at University of Cantabria (Spain)
  • 2003/2006 Postgraduate Student at University of Cantabria (Spain)
  • 2003: Ph.D. in Computational Mathematics, University of Cantabria
Former and Current Positions:
  • 01.02.2007, Researcher in the group "Financial Mathematics" at RICAM
  • January 2003 - December 2006, Junior Researcher with a FPU grant in the University of Spain
  • January 2007 to September 2007: PostDoc at RICAM in FWF grant "Pseudorandom Sequences" (Group Leader: A. Winterhof)
  • Since October 2007: Assistant Professor at University of Cantabria
  • Februray 2009 to June 2009: PostDoc at RICAM via the program 'Jose Castillero' of the Spanish ministry of education and science (Supervisor: A. Winterhof)