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Dr. David Sevilla González

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Peer Reviewed Journal Publication
  • Schicho, Josef; Sevilla, David (2014) Tschirnhaus-Weierstrass curves. Mathematics of Computation, Bd. 83 (290), S. 3005-3015.
  • Sendra, J. Rafael; Sevilla, David (2011) Radical parametrizations of algebraic curves by adjoint curves. Journal of Symbolic Computation, Bd. 46 (9), S. 1030-1038.
  • Gomez, Domingo; Gutierrez, Jaime; Ibeas, Alvar; Sevilla, David (2009) Common factors of resultants modulo p. Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society .
  • McKay, John; Sevilla, David (2008) Decomposing replicable functions. Journal of Computation and Mathematics (11), S. 146-171 .
  • Sendra, J. Rafael; Sevilla, David First steps towards radical parametrization of algebraic surfaces. CAGD, Bd. -, S. -.

Conference Contribution: Publication in Proceedings
  • David Sevilla, Daniel Wachsmuth (2010) Polynomial integration on regions defined by a triangle and a conic., Proceedings of ISSAC 2010 (ISSAC 2010).

Contribution in Collection
  • Schicho, Josef; Sevilla, David Effective Radical Parametrization of Trigonal Curves. In: Volcheck, M. Seppala and E. (Hrsg.), Computational Algebraic and Analytic Geometry of Low-dimensional Varieties: AMS, S. 10.

Other Publication
  • Josef Schicho, David Sevilla (2008) Tschirnhaus-Weierstrass curves., S. 14 .
  • John McKay, David Sevilla (2008) Decomposing replicable functions., S. 25 .