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Dr. Clemens Kirisits

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Clemens Kirisits

Peer Reviewed Journal Publication
  • Kirisits, Clemens; Scherzer, Otmar (2018) A Range Condition for Polyconvex Variational Regularization. Numerical Functional Analysis and Optimization, Bd. 39 (10), S. 1064-1076.
  • Kirisits, Clemens; Otmar, Scherzer (2017) Convergence rates for regularization functionals with polyconvex integrands. Inverse Problems, Bd. 33 (8), S. 085008.
  • Kirisits, C.; Poeschl, C.; Resmerita, E.; Scherzer, O. (2015, online: 2014) Finite-dimensional approximation of convex regularization via hexagonal pixel grids. Applicable Analysis, Bd. 94 (3), S. 612-636.
  • Kirisits, C.; Lang, L. F.; Scherzer, O. (2014) Decomposition of optical flow on the sphere. International Journal on Geomathematics, Bd. 5 (1), S. 117-141.
  • Kirisits, C.; Lang, L. F.; Scherzer, O. (2014) Optical Flow on Evolving Surfaces with Space and Time Regularisation. Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision, Bd. 52, S. 55-70.
  • M. Bauer, M. Grasmair, C. Kirisits Optical flow on moving manifolds. SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences, Bd. 8, S. 484–512.

Conference Contribution: Publication in Proceedings
  • Kirisits, C.; Lang, L.F.; Scherzer, O. (2013) Optical Flow on Evolving Surfaces with an Application to the Analysis of 4D Microscopy Data. In: Kuijper, A. (Hrsg.), Proceedings of the fourth International Conference on Scale Space and Variational Methods in Computer Vision (SSVM'13) In Reihe: Lecture Notes in Computer Science 7893, Bd. 5; Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag, S. 246-257.

Contribution in Collection
  • Iglesias, José A.; Kirisits, Clemens (2017) Convective regularization for optical flow. In: Bergounioux, Maitine; Peyré, Gabriel; Schnörr, Christoph; Caillau, Jean-Baptiste; Haberkorn, Thomas (Hrsg.), Variational Methods in Imaging and Geometric Control: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co. KG, S. 184–201.