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Audie Warren

Peer Reviewed Journal Publication
  • Petridis, G.; Roche-Newton, O.; Rudnev, M.; Warren, A. (2020) An energy bound in the affine group. International Mathematics Research Notices, Bd. to appear, S. 10.
  • O. Roche-Newton, A. Warren (2020) New expander bounds from affine group energy. Discrete & Computational Geometry, Bd. to appear, S. 10.
  • Makhul, M.; Roche-Newton, O.; Warren, A.; Zeeuw, F. de (2020) Constructions for the Elekes-Szabó and Elekes-Rónyai problems. Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, Bd. to appear, S. 1--10.
  • Warren, A. (2019) On products of shifts in arbitrary fields. Moscow Journal of Combinatorics and Number Theory, Bd. 8 (3), S. 247--261.
  • A. Warren, A. Winterhof (2019) Conical Kakeya and Nikodym sets in finite fields. Finite Fields and Their Applications, Bd. 59, S. 185--198.
  • O. Roche-Newton, A. Warren (2019) Improved bounds for pencils of lines. Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, Bd. to appear, S. 10.

  • Roche-Newton, O.; Warren, A. (2020) Counting $k$-arcs in $F_{q^2}$O. Roche-Newton A. Warren.
  • Makhul, M.; Warren, A.; Winterhof, A. (2020) The spherical Kakeya problem in finite fields.