Dr. Andreas Obereder

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Andreas Obereder

Peer Reviewed Journal Publication
  • Hutterer, Victoria; Shatokhina, Iuliia; Obereder, Andreas; Ramlau, Ronny (2018) Advanced wavefront reconstruction methods for segmented Extremely Large Telescope pupils using pyramid sensors. J. Astron. Telesc. Instrum. Syst., Bd. 4 (4), S. ARTN 049005.
  • Wagner, Roland; Helin, Tapio; Obereder, Andreas; Ramlau, Ronny (2016) Efficient Reconstruction Method for Ground Layer Adaptive Optics with mixed Natural and Laser Guide Stars. Applied Optics, Bd. 55 (6), S. 1421-1429 <'http://dx.doi.org/10.1364/AO.55.001421'>.
  • Andreas Obereder, Ronny Ramlau, Enrico Fedrigo (2014) Mathematical Algorithms and Software for ELT Adaptive Optics - The Austrian In-kind Contributions for Adaptive Optics. ESO - The Messenger (156), S. 16-20.
  • R. Ramlau, A. Obereder, M. Rosensteiner, D. Saxenhuber (2014, online: 2014) Efficient iterative tip/tilt reconstruction for atmospheric tomography. Inverse Problems in Science and Engineering, Bd. 22 (8), S. 1345-1366.

Conference Contribution: Publication in Proceedings
  • Obereder, Andreas; Hippler, Stefan; Bertram, Thomas; etal (2019) Single Conjugate Adaptive Optics for METIS. (Adaptive Optics for Extremely Large Telescopes 6); Quebec: AO4ELT6, S. 9.
  • Hutterer, Victoria; Obereder, Andreas; Raffetseder, Stefan; etal. (2019) Model-based wavefront reconstruction tested on the LOOPS bench. In: AO4ELT6 (Hrsg.) (Adaptive Optics for Extremely Large Telescopes 6); Quebec.
  • Hippler, Stefan; Shatokhina, Iuliia; Obereder, Andreas et al. (2018) Single conjugate adaptive optics for METIS., Proc. SPIE 10703, Adaptive Optics Systems VI (SPIE Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation); Austin, Texas/USA, S. 1070314.
  • Obereder, Andreas; Raffetseder, Stefan; Hutterer, Victoria; Shatokhina, Iuliia (2018) Dealing with spiders on ELTs: using a Pyramid WFS to overcome residual piston effects., spie proceedings (spie astronomical telescopes and instrumentation); Austin: spie, S. 10703 - 107031D - 19.
  • Hutterer, Victoria; Ramlau, Ronny; Shatokhina, Iuliia; Obereder, Andreas (2018) Wavefront reconstruction for ELT-sized telescopes with pyramid wavefront sensors. (spie astronomical telescopes and instrumentation); Austin, S. 10703 - 1070344 - 18.

Other Publication
  • Obereder, Andreas; Feldt, Markus; Hippler, Stefan; Bertram:, Thomas Sensing wavefronts on resolved sources with pyramids on ELTs. Conference Paper: SPIE Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation, Edinburgh, 26.06.-01.07.2016, doi: 10.1117/12.2232601.
  • Obereder, Andreas; Saxenhuber, Daniela; Feldt, Markus; Hippler, Stefan; etal. Designing the METIS SCAO and LTAO systems. Conference Paper: SPIE Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation, Edinburgh, 26.06.-01.07.2016, doi: 10.1117/12.2233229.