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Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Langer

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Peer Reviewed Journal Publication
  • Massimo Fornasier, Andreas Langer, and Carola-Bibiane Schoenlieb (2010) A convergent overlapping domain decomposition method for total variation minimization. Numerische Mathematik, Bd. 116 (4), S. 645-685. (link)
  • Massimo Fornasier, Yunho Kim, Andreas Langer, and Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb Wavelet Decomposition Method for L2/TV-Image Deblurring. SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences. (link)

Conference Contribution: Publication in Proceedings
  • Massimo Fornasier, Andreas Langer, and Carola Schoenlieb (2009) Domain decomposition methods for compressed sensing. (SampTA09); Marseilles. (link)