RICAM Events

Archive 2020
Seminar: Joint Fudan - RICAM Seminar on Inverse Problems
July 8, 2020 14:00; GoToMeeting
Group Seminar: Solvers for High-Order Phase-Field Fracture Simulations
Speaker: Daniel Jodlbauer (RICAM)
June 9, 2020 13:30; Zoom
Radon Workshop: POSTPONED TO 2021: Austrian Numerical Analysis Day 2020
May 6-8, 2020; RICAM
Group Seminar: CANCELLED: Über Hilberträume von Funktionen mit reproduzierendem Kern und die Totalität von Stützstellenfolgen
Speaker: Peter Zinterhof (University of Salzburg)
March 12, 2020 11:00; RICAM, SP2 416-2
Group Seminar: CANCELLED: DM: A partial q-difference equation approach to Kanade-Russell conjectures
Speaker: Ali Uncu (RICAM)
March 12, 2020 10:15; SP2 416-1
Group Seminar: CM: A Discontinuous Galerkin Dual-Primal Isogeometric Tearing and Interconnecting Method with Inexact Local Solvers
Speaker: Rainer Schneckenleitner (JKU)
March 10, 2020 15:30; SP2 416-1
Group Seminar: Optimization of time delays in semilinear parabolic equations
Speaker: Fredi Tröltzsch (TU Berlin)
March 3, 2020 15:30; RICAM, SP2 416-1
Group Seminar: Constitutive Relation Error Method (CRE) for linear problems using Isogeometric Analysis
Speaker: Hoang Phuong Thai (LMT-Cachan)
February 4, 2020 10:15; RICAM, SP2 416-1
Colloquium: Modeling blood flow and cardiac electrophysiology: numerical methods and applications
Speaker: Christian Vergara (Laboratory of Biological Structure Mechanics (LaBS)
January 29, 2020 13:45; SP2 046
Group Seminar: Computation of exact lower bounds for generalized monochromatic Schur triples
Speaker: Elaine Wong (RICAM)
January 29, 2020 10:00; RICAM, SP2 416-1
Group Seminar: Towards spline degree independed inf-sup constants for the Stokes problem with applications to multigrid methods
Speaker: Jarle Sogn (RICAM)
January 28, 2020 15:30; SP2 054
Group Seminar: Additive energy and character sums estimates
Speaker: Vishnupriya Anupindi (RICAM)
January 22, 2020 10:00; SP2 416-1
Group Seminar: Matrix-Free Solvers for Nonlinear Problems - Performance Optimizations and Implementational Details
Speaker: Daniel Jodlbauer (RICAM)
January 21, 2020 15:30; SP2 054
Group Seminar: Why many quadratic APN functions have "classical spectrum"?
Speaker: Nurdagül Anbar-Meidl (Sabanci University)
January 20, 2020 15:00; RICAM, SP2 416-1
Group Seminar: Goal-oriented space-time adaptivity and Efficient Data Structures for convection-dominated problems
Speaker: M.P. Bruchhäuser and U. Köcher
January 14, 2020 15:30; JKU, SP2 054

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